Wojna - chyba domowa, bo jaka inna ?

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Wojna - chyba domowa, bo jaka inna ?

#1 Post autor: 357 » 20 listopada 2015, 10:26

Skoro wladza walczy z wlasnymi obywatelami ?!
Dawniej zawsze zwalano wszystko na obce interesy i na obcych mocodawcow.
To niby konkretnie kto to dla EU ?
To obce interesy zerujace na Europie ?
Ci obcy mocodawcy rzadzacy Europa ?

O i przy okazji dobry artylul (jego czesc w temacie).
Jak mawial Stirlitz - material do przemyslen.

"Below are the main elements of the package:

Stricter rules to ban certain semi-automatic firearms, which will not, under any circumstance, be allowed to be held by private persons, even if they have been permanently deactivated;

Tighter rules on the online acquisition of firearms, to avoid the acquisition of firearms, key parts or ammunition through the Internet;

EU common rules on marking of firearms to improve the traceability of weapons;

Better exchange of information between the Member States, for example on any refusal of authorization to own a firearm decided by another national authority, and obligation to interconnect national registers of weapons;

Common criteria concerning alarm weapons (e.g. distress flares and starter pistols)in order to prevent their transformation into fully functioning firearms;

Stricter conditions for the circulation of deactivated firearms;

Stricter conditions for collectors to limit the risk of sale to criminals.

Read those over again! Those are insane! No private ownership of semiautomatic firearms, no online purchases, gun tracking, a unified registration scheme, crackdown on starter pistols and distress flares (are you kidding me?), tighter controls on antiques and collector’s items!

Have they completely lost their minds? "